About Vicio Technology

We strive to create simple, usable solutions to everyday business problems.

Here at Vicio Technology, we believe that technology should be used to simplify life and work.

Implementations that cause frustration are clearly doing more harm than good. When we solve problems for businesses or organizations, our number primary goal after accompishing the task, is to ensure that the solution is as simple as possible, with the least amount of possibility of something going wrong.

We accomplish this by following these core principles in our work:

  • Time-tested, battle-hardened approaches only
  • Simplicity is elegant
  • Ease-of-use is number one
  • Keep it as simple as possible

Our History

Initially, Vicio Technology began as a hardware-only IT service provider. Our focus at the time was primarily providing networking and printing solutions to local small businesses and organizations.

As the technology became more ubiquitous in both everyday life, and work, we observed a developing need for a greater range of IT-related services. At the beginning of 2005, we started to offer not only our consulting services, but software management services, and eventually software development.

Today, Vicio Technology Solutions is what is considered a multi-service provider in the IT industry. We offer a wide range of technology-centric services to a multitude of different clientele.

We have also recently begun to offer software training for many of the applications we frequently install and manage for our clients.

Our passions lay in creating solutions to problems using technology. This aspect of our work allows us to do just that. We use the latest, battle-tested hardware and software to create robust solutions for our many differing client's needs.
Consultation has become a large part of our work. Many clients want to sit down and discuss the possibilities and different approaches to solving problems before diving in. We're happy to act as your tech liaison, and have the experience and skills to qualify us for this position.
Let's face it. Software is rarely intuitive. Luckily, we're here to fill in the gaps that user experience designers failed to address. We provide training for many commonly deployed software applications, like Windows, Mac OS, and Microsoft Office. Contact us today to learn more about our training programs.

Our Services


Thinking about upgrading your hardware or software, or perhaps a completely new system? Utilize our vast knowledge of tech to ensure you're achieving the best solution possible.


Allow us to install your new hardware or software professionally. All of our service work is backed by a total support guarantee - we don't leave clients hanging.


Lacking a dedicated IT staff in your business or organization? No problem, we're here to fill the void. Consider our professional hardware/software management services.


These days, security should be a primary concern for anyone, let alone those with sensitive data. We make security a priority in everything we do, don't settle for less.


If your business or organization needs software development, look no further. In addition to a full staff of IT technicians, we also employee several brilliant software engineers.


It has been said that support after the fact is just as important as the primary job itself, and it is true. We're here to offer support whether we did the original job or not.


We also now offer software training programs for certain business applications which we deploy. If your members or employees are in need of software training, we are available.


We install a lot of networks, and it's something that we are passionate about. Let us help make your networking dream a reality by professional installation of a secure network.

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Vicio Technology Solutions does nothing short of fantastic work. They were able to fix someone else's mistake and get us going.

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